Advancing Gyro Stabilisation

Welcome, we are a research and design start-up working in motion stabilisation. Currently we are developing new products for the camera gimbal market which enhance the performance of both geared and direct drive systems for:

  Shock Absorption     Line-of-Sight Stability     Energy Efficiency

Our new innovation named the Differential Motion Gyro System is actively working in a range of challenging environments, demonstrating that we can take a camera stabiliser product and improve its capabilities.   comparison example

Pre-Production Prototype Ac60

A video introducing the basic functionality of our gimbal upgrade   Read more

Sea Trial on Rafnar 12m Fast Launch

One of the most difficult environments for gimbal stabilisers is at sea, and to prove the effectivness of the DMGS technology we testing our first working prototype with boat designer Rafnar. One feature of their unique design deflects spray around the hull, so we were able to mount our camera close to the bow giving great visibility.   read more

Passive Isolator ( Mounting System )

Essential to all gimbal systems is the mounting system. To complement our "active" actuator device we developed a hybrid mounting system to protect sensitive equipment from harsh mechanical noise. Suitable for helicopters, boats and cars, it´s design is very adaptable for a wide range of loads from 0.5-25Kg

This demo from a single rotor helicopter (UAV) compares a commonly used wire rope isolator ( at the start ) then from 0m26s our STP200 Isolator.

The test was performed without any form of stabilisation, what you see is the raw camera output.

DMGS Technology

  • Line-of-Sight Stability  
  • Weight Reduction  
  • Efficient Noise Filtering  
  • Lower Operating Costs  
  • Route to Miniaturisation  

Technology Partners and Assistance

  • Hull and Keel Technology
  • Brushless Motor Controllers
  • Aerial Filming
  • Micro Electric Motors
  • Marine Network Solutions

Development Path

Development path since 2008

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