Searching for a better method of vibration control...

In 2008 a private engineering group working on motion control systems had a breakthrough in the field of relative kinematics, many prototype designs followed, the result was a highly efficient method of removing shock and vibration.

After positive results from bench testing, the focus was to measure performance across a range of land, sea and air vehicles. We now see its potential in many areas including the fast growing UAV/Drone industry.

Flyabove Systems Ltd is a uk startup which owns the SmoothTron stabilisation technology. Initially we look to establish and widen intellectual property rights for the core technology and build working relationships with a number of industries, most notably leading image sensor and UAV/UAS manufacturers.

"An early breakthrough in the field of relative kinematics allowed the development of a prototype"

Goals for 2017/18

While development to the original prototype continues, we are designing a line of products suitable for the commercial/industrial market.
In terms of the business be are looking to join forces with companies that can complement these products, and draw in potential investment to expand the business.

Development Team


Paul Fowler

Founder / Partner

System Developer, background in engineering and computer science. Interested in just about anything that moves, in his spare time relaxes on the golf course.

Elize van Wyk

Project Management

Marketing and business development.

George Mamo

Technical Developer

Background in audio video production, systems integration for electronics, programming and IC design.

Development Path

Development path since 2008


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