The latest video and images from the pre production and testing phase of Smoothtron development

Ac60 Gimbal Upgrade

Prototype gimbal isolator upgrade

Mallorca Copa Del Rey 2015

Demo of a 30cm gimbal prototype at the 2015 Kings Cup yacht race.

Power Consumption 8w to 10w

Measuring the total power consumption of a 30cm three axis system.

Vibration absorption

Close up of camera mount, showing low frequency engine vibration being absorbed.

Preparations before yacht race

Preparing to leave for the first trial after installation on the Rafnar Craft

Mounting Rig

1st prototype mounted to a steel tripod to measure how the system manages engine vibration, and light sea state.

Following a Yacht Race

We were able to move around the yachts and get close up shots at speeds of up to 18 Knots on the day.

Testing Zoom Stability

Following a race we demonstrate the performance of a zoom lens @ 450mm

High Speed Testing

Running at 30knots in a light sea with no shock absorber

Development Path

Development path since 2008


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