How we raise the performance
What defines performance?
  • Our Solution - Reducing the workload

    A DMGS actuator removes the high angular disturbances a gimbal is subject to when operating.

    This is not passive isolation, the protected gimbal has full control of its position through DMGS as if it was mounted directly to its supporting structure.
    The system is made up a number of filter devices and an actuator working to transmit the correct motion between the gimbal and its mounting point.

    The higher the angular acceleration the more effective the actuator becomes, sample results from a series of shock tests will be published under the product news section in due course. The result is improvement in three areas:

    Shock Absorption LOS Stability Energy Efficiency

    Isolation Effect

      Example Below - Observing low frequency mechanical vibration being absorbed form a ridged mounting point.
  • A camera gimbal´s performance is described below, basically power is always a limited commodity, and defines performance.



    The latest technology now delivers a relatively high level of accuracy at an ever reducing cost.
    Three areas necessary for accuracy are:

    1: Sensor Precision

    MEMS Gyro Sensors Coin sized angular measurement devices have replaced larger mechanical, fibre optic and laser type gyros. Recently the precision of particular quartz based MEMS sensors have reached the precision of fiber optic devices at a lower price point.

    2: Data Processing Speed

    Micro Processors now have the speed to measure positional error and calculate a cancelling movement almost instantly. The latest processors are capable of measuring the error size, duration of the error and it´s rate of change all in a few milliseconds.

    3. Low Mechanical Backlash

    Direct Drive in the form of brushless motors are simple electronically switched drives. As well as being fast and smooth, most importantly they control the stabilised surface with zero mechanical play / backlash.


    The performance of a camera gimbal is restricted directly by the power of its motors, and it should be noted, increasing motor power purely by design comes at a dramatically increased cost. Our solution recognises this limitation, DMGS pre-filters shock and vibration away from the gimbal, lowering the total workload, a completely unique feature of the DMGS technology.

    Power Why it is it so important ?

    All electric motors types have a performance chart shaped similar the one below Fig.1. Greater motor power translates to increased speed and torque. Speed and torque of an electric motor Speed and torque directly affects the time it takes to Apply the Correction see below Fig.2 further more, the greater the mass of camera / lens combo the more power required. As a general rule camera lenses of high quality and performance come with a weight penalty.

    Control Loop

    If you would like to read more on control theory and PID controllers take a look at the Wikipedia Page

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