01. Core Technology DMGS

Our core technology is the basis for a range of products which benefit stabilised camera gimbals providing a superior level of working performance. Upgraded gimbal products operate closer to their sensor specifications[1]. In terms of market size this new device has a broad scope based on :

Adaptability Solving issues across broad range of applications:
1. Improved power consumption verses performance adapts well in the drone / UAV market.
2. Increasing shock absorption capability adapts well into the watercraft and land vehicle sector.
3. A low component cost verses LAT motor alternatives, makes this technology ideal for products in the consumer mass market.

Theoretical ScalabilityBuilding larger versions of our actuator prototype is possible and advantageous for high specification gimbals containing multispectral camera types. A more compact downsized model could improve the drone systems with restrictive power, weight and space considerations.

02. Road Map

Proof of Concept (Complete) By first defining the limitations of a gimbal we were able to focus on the right product. A concept was then developed over a period of 4 years intensive R&D.

Proof of Prototype (90 % Complete) Delivering a fully working prototype, measuring its performance on this non-exhaustive list of attributes:
Line of Sight Stability - Tested
Payload Capacity - Tested to 3.8kg for 60mm actuator
Low power consumption - Tested @ less than 10 watts peak for 5 axis system 3+2
Compatibility with current gimbal controllers - Tested 2 products ( Feb 2016 )
Usability across multiple mounting platforms/vehicles - Tested ( Drone / Boat ) Feb 2016
Reliability - Tested ( 21 Hours to date )
Scalability - In progress

Protection ( In Progress ) Since successful prototype testing, patent cover has been sought under a private company name to secure intellectual property rights.

Manufacturing Partners ( In Progress ) Having already received a product order. We are currently exploring the manufacturing options available in the UK and Europe.

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03. Revenue Paths

Selling / Assignment During 2016 we will test the reception of a new product in the UAV, security and surveillance markets and from the feedback plan the best way forward in terms of selling and distribution assignment.

Licensing / Royalties To achieve the best possible market penetration the product will eventually be sold under license to both optical sensor and UAV manufacturing companies.

04. Investment and Financial Partners

Flyabove Systems Ltd looks for a lead investor to come on board as a financial and advisory board member. We believe that a close working relationship with experienced investors is essential for success in the global marketplace. A second round of funding is planned mid 2016 and generally speaking a strategy of capital funding would be favoured to keep enough equity shares for further structure development of the company's key members.
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Development Path

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