Pre-Production Ac60 Prototype


Class/Type - DMGS
Power Draw - 220mW to 1200mW Per Axis
Angular freedom - Up to 18 degrees
Weight - 189g inc Sensors and Controller
Payload - Tested 3.8Kg ( 4.0kg max )
Operating Temperature > - 15c to +60c


Diameter 60mm
Depth 38mm ( inc Sensor housing )
Drive Shaft 6-8mm options

Voice over "The latest camera gimbals promise to remove unwanted motion, and if you're using a wide angle lens, in the right conditions, they can work. Despite this, a single motor has its limits, sharp jolts, the addition of mechanical vibration overwhelms the motor resulting in camera shake. Our newly developed prototype works as an independent upgrade and once fitted to any axis, it absorbs even the worst vibration and shock leaving the gimbal to smoothly and precisely guide the camera with a minimum of effort."

Development Path

Development path since 2008


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